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Helping Psychologists
Impact More Lives
& Build a Sustainable, Multiple Revenue Stream for their Business  

Kathy Gray PGCE Qualified Course Creation Specialist, E-Learning Instructional Design Services 

                   Helping Psychologists Create Transformational Psychological Well-Being E-Courses & Programs
I teach Psychologists & Mental Health Well-being Professionals like you to Pivot from the 1-1 Face to Face Business Model to a Global Online Market with Online Courses & Memberships. 

The traditional 1-1 business model means that you can only ever help a few people at a time, as you trade your hours as an individual. The typical 'trading time for money' scenario and glass ceiling income restriction that many psychologists & therapists know only too well. The ongoing Global Pandemic is adversely impacting mental health on a scale we have never seen before. Demand for psychological wellbeing services is rising exponentially, whilst access for all those in need is dependent on numerous external factors. 
Did you know that you can:  
  • CHANGE more lives for the better - reach those individuals who cannot otherwise access your services geographically or due to other barriers. You already know how powerful the science of Psychology is as a tool to empower others in need - how it can empower them to overcome stressful, traumatic events, be able to successfully manage their emotional and mental well-being; changing their lives. 
    As a PGCE Qualified Education Professional in Further & Higher Education, with a subject specialism in Psychology,  a passion for the science and depth of knowledge of how it is applied in the real world, I can teach you the exact process required to take your 1-1 practice to a 1 to Many offering. Learn step by step, how to  successfully convert your skills and expertise into a course that is not only successful and profitable for you, but transformational for your clients. Choose your delivery, either as a self-directed course or a hybrid guided online group program with self-study content included, this can be shaped by the type of therapy you are offering for the course and how these best fit with the client avatar. Subscription memberships that have a live group coaching or mentoring element, along with interactive course materials, audio and reading can enable access to therapy for those who would not otherwise be able to afford 1-1 in person consultations.   
  • In doing so, you will TRANSFORM your Business with the creation of Professional Online Courses & Memberships that bring transformational results to the lives of new & existing clients Worldwide; taking your business from a local market to a Global one. 
  • By creating online courses & memberships, you build sustainable multiple online revenue streams for your business. Subscription Memberships provide the Assurance of Predictable Recurring Revenue.
  • RESULT: more money for less time, more people impacted, more lives changed and a business that has more than one income stream. Your clients are the heart of your business, multiple streams of revenue become the arteries.  

Choose a Way to Work with Me:
1-1 on my Exclusive & Unique 'Edutherapy' Program
or Choose from Self Study, Live Courses or Group Membership Program 

 The Most Successful You  
From Idea to Launch - 
Course Creation Group LIVE 12 Week Program 

Prefer to Work with Me 1-1?
Join my Edutherapy Program & Together, we will:
Map out Your Online Business Model, Build Your Curriculum & Create Your Online Course, Create & Manage your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Your Website & LMS, Plan Your Visibility & Marketing Strategy.

Recapture lost business, impact more lives by going from a local market to a Global one and create multiple/recurring online revenue streams. 

The following scenarios and questions often stops many people from creating their online courses:

- “WHO is my target audience? WHO will buy my courses and programs?”
You will learn how to define your niche and target audience
- “HOW do I create my online course? I have all my content ready, I know what I am going to teach, but I don’t know how to make it ‘flow’ as an online course”
You will learn how to design your Curriculum in a way that flows and fully engages your learners
- “HOW do I find people who will buy it?”
You will learn how to find your ideal clients/learners for your courses. You will learn how to master simple, effective marketing techniques and SEO (search engine optimisation) so that people can find your courses.
- “HOW much do I charge for my course?”
You will learn how to set your pricing for different levels of courses that your produce
- “HOW do I set up my course website and learning platform?”
You will learn how to set up your course website and Learner Management System-the course platform your students use to access your courses.
Often, it is questions like these that create a stalling point, they stop experts like you from ever creating their courses and the extra revenue they would otherwise make for their business is left on the table.
Your future clients are waiting to buy YOUR courses and experience the much needed transformation to their well-being and lives that your course will bring to them; wherever they may be in the World. 
If you are thinking it will it will take forever to Create Your Online Course, then relax, with my framework for building online courses, you will discover that it is easier than you thought! Once you have learnt the ropes, you will not look back! You may be worried about mastering all the tech 'stuff', again, I will guide you through each and every step of the way to success! 
Creating your Online Course need not be Complicated, BUT, if you want to sell successful courses, that get your clients transformational results; you need to make sure they are both designed and constructed the right way!

Kathy Gray, BSc (Hons), PGCE Further & Higher Education, (Post Graduate Certificate in Education incorporating Diploma in Education & Training), PGC Psychology, MInstLM, (Professional Graded Member, Institute of Leadership & Management) CIM Affiliate Professional (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

"Sessions are well structured with clarity of purpose and intent, with the pace and content intuitively adapted to the needs of the learner. Kathy’s delivery is informed and good humoured. From the very start I felt that I was being supported both technically and personally to push through my own limiting self talk to achieve things I never thought I could. Kathy instils confidence and supports individual growth, knowledge and skill development."
N.Q, Leadership Coach 

Psychology, Mental Health Well-Being Training Solutions & Courses

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