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Online Visibility Masterclass:
How to Get Found Online

Who is this Course for?

You are a Coach, Creative or Therapist: 
Do you rely solely on social media advertising (with the worlds leading social media platform) to reach your ideal clients.
Do you rely on using the targeted specifications on every aspect of your ideal client avatar's life, so that you can have your advert, your business solution served right to them, each and every time they are online?
The benefit of social media advertising right now is that it is cheap, effective and your ideal client feels like your business advert is just the answer to what they have been looking for.
But just how long will this last? Do you have a visibility strategy for your website off social media?
But what if I don't yet use Social Media Advertising for my business?
If you don't yet use social media advertising, you SHOULD be optimising your website and overall online presence. There is plenty you CAN do to be driving organic leads. When you start out in business, it is good practice to ensure you are leveraging all organic aspects of the digital world to get YOUR business and website, seen and known. It doesn't matter which platform or online space you use, people buy from people and from those they feel they can trust. You can build this trust in an online environment other that just social media. In fact, if you do, then it can only serve to create a deeper trust in your audience, as they see you everywhere.
If you sign up to this course, you will learn how to build trust through this method in the module covering buyer psychology! 
What you need to know:
Times are changing in the way social media platforms can provide targeted advertising. Early 2021 will see Apple introduce new privacy options which will allow its users to choose whether to allow companies to track users across apps; this will impact the way in which social media platforms collate data to deliver targeted advertising. It is obvious that this will impact on conversion tracking. It could impact small businesses who use social media advertising, specifically adverts targeted at their ideal customer avatar. This means your adverts could be much harder to place in front of your ideal client and potentially, could go from being able to drill down to every aspect of your clients online behaviours so that you can target them to feeling like you are trying to play darts blindfold.
What does this mean?
Potentially, advertising on social media will become less effective and more expensive as a result. If your website is not performing as it should in Google results, then you will see a drop in lead generation as potential clients find your competitors and not your business. In any case, your website is your most valuable digital asset and should be optimised to its full potential; regardless of any social media advertising. Social media advertising should compliment your overall online presence.     

How this course can help you:
Do you want to significantly improve your website search results? 
Would you like to learn how to build a sustainable, organic solution to increasing and maintaining your website visibility and overall omnipresence online, so that your ideal clients can find you quickly and easily?
Would you like to learn more about how you can leverage other platforms online and learn more about how to use buyer psychology for your website copy and call to action? Then read on!
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Online Visibility Masterclass
How to Get Found Online
12 week program-Who is it for? 


Rely solely or mostly upon Social Media targeted advertising and groups to gain and retain clients

Or you are just starting out with growing your audience

Your website is new and/or not search engine optimised (SEO) - you don't show up in searches and/or you find it hard to gain organic search results

You are a beginner with SEO but you are able to build and/or edit your website 

You do not leverage other platforms, such as your own or guest blogs, YouTube or podcasts to drive traffic to your website - you solely use the major mainstream social media platform to gain clients
You do not have thousands to spend on a search engine optimisation specialist but you want to significantly improve search results for your website and business

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12 Week Online Visibility Masterclass
Program Details

  • Live Weekly Mentoring/Tuition & Email Support
  • Level: Easy, though you will be an expert by the end of it! 
  • Study time: 12 weeks, 1 hour weekly live sessions
  • Video time: TBC
  • Workbooks & Feedback Sessions
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*This Online Visibility Course Starts 18th January 2021
Here is what you will learn in
this 12 Week Masterclass

Key-Phrases & Key Words:
Understand and Learn:
Which key phrases and keywords your Ideal Clients use in online searches and how to find them

Understand and Learn How to use and apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to each page of your Website effectively

Understand the Importance of your Website Home or Landing Page Layout, Copy & Call to Action, Funnels, & How to Apply Buyer Psychology 

Google My Business
How to leverage GMB to Improve Your Search Results & Gain Clients

Keywords, Content & Blogs
Understand why useful content is King-learn how you can use key-phrases effectively in your website blog without spamming 

Understand & Learn how to Build Your Online Omni-Presence for Long Term Sustainable Lead Generation, so that you are not totally dependent on Social Media Advertising for Clients

YouTube as a Search Engine
How to leverage one of the biggest search engines next to Google, to engage, nurture and direct your Ideal Clients to your Website  

Maximising your Website Content throughout your Site to provide the best visitor experience & reduce bounce rate 

Do's and Don'ts of SEO
what to make sure you do and what you must not do. Here we look at 'white hat' versus 'black hat' SEO techniques (and the grey in-between!) 

There is no guarantee that you will hit page 1 of Google for your desired search terms, particularly if they are high volume search terms. You will, however, gain significant improvement in your website positioning in search results if you implement ALL of the teachings, continue to nurture your website content and pay attention to any proposed changes in Google's algorithm. (I will show you how to periodically check for this). The most important thing to remember, is that whatever changes Google makes to the way it ranks website pages, it will ALWAYS reward the websites that provide high quality and relevant content for its users.  
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