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The Online Visibility Academy 
How to Get Your Business Found Online

Who is this for?

Coaches, Creatives, Therapists & Service Based Consultants/Specialists -
This is immensely valuable for ANY Service Based Business transitioning to the online space and need to either build or increase their online presence to reach their ideal clients

Are you transitioning/pivoting from 1-1 face to face to online?
Are you a new business?
Has COVID meant that you need to pivot to the online space?
You want to learn how to create a sustainable long term organic visibility strategy (aka free marketing techniques) for your website off social media
Are you struggling with building your online presence so that clients can find you?  
Have you tried social media advertising without success?
Or, is social media advertising too expensive right now?
Do you want to learn about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how to research the key-phrases and keywords your ideal clients are using in Google searches to find services that YOU provide AND how you can apply your own SEO to your website? 
I have 15 years of SEO knowledge and in this membership hub, I will be teaching you step by step the EXACT steps that I took to get my website to Page 1, Position 1 for my chosen key-phrases & keywords

Social Media Advertising versus Organic Marketing Strategies

If you don't yet use social media advertising, you SHOULD be optimising your website and overall online presence. There is plenty you CAN do to be driving organic leads. When you start out in business, it is good practice to ensure you are leveraging all organic aspects of the digital world to get YOUR business and website, seen and known. In the world of consumer psychology, people buy from people and from those they feel they can trust. These days, anyone can place a social media advert for a product/service and not be a legitimate business or a fly by night affair; consumers are becoming more aware of this, so the most important part of visibility for your business is to build trust. You can build this trust in an online environment other than just on social media (there are so many options in the world wide web where you can find your ideal clients and build your business presence). In fact, if you do, then it can only serve to create a deeper trust in your audience, as they see you everywhere and are able to find you easily online. Organic marketing strategies have a longer life-span, unlike a paid advert. 
When you are ready to start using paid advertising, you will have already built an online presence and as a result, your advertising becomes more cost effective.  

What else you need to know:

Times are changing in the way social media platforms can provide targeted advertising. Early 2021 saw Apple introduce new privacy options which allow its users to choose whether to allow companies to track users across apps; this has and will continue to impact the way in which social media platforms collate data to deliver targeted advertising. It is obvious that this will impact on conversion tracking. It could impact small businesses who use social media advertising, specifically adverts targeted at their ideal customer avatar. This means your adverts could be much harder to place in front of your ideal client and potentially, could go from being able to drill down to every aspect of your clients online behaviours so that you can target them, to feeling like you are trying to play darts blindfold.

Is your website page 1 or 100?

If your website is not performing as it should in Google results, then potential clients cannot find you-they find your competitors instead. Your website is your most valuable digital asset and should be optimised to its full potential; regardless of any social media advertising. Social media & digital advertising should compliment your organic marketing methods and create a powerful overall online presence.     

How this membership course can help you:

Learn how to build your website landing/home page the right way
Learn the SEO skills required to significantly improve your website search results and which key-phrases and keywords your ideal clients are using in Google search 
Learn how to be 'Client Ready' and eliminate procrastination
Learn how to build a sustainable, organic solution to increasing and maintaining your website visibility and overall omnipresence online, so that your ideal clients can build trust in your business-making your business the obvious choice
Learn how to master LinkedIn to generate leads
Learn how to use Google My Business
Build your Marketing strategy and much more!

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The Online Visibility Academy
How to Get Found Online
Subscription Membership Group 

THIS membership iS FOR YOU IF:

You are transitioning from the 1-1 Face to Face Model to offering a range of services online for your clients

You are just starting out with growing your audience

Your website is new and/or not search engine optimised (SEO) - you don't show up in searches and/or you find it hard to gain organic search results

You are a beginner with SEO but you are able to build and/or edit your website 

You want to learn how to maximise LinkedIn to increase awareness of your services, generate leads and ultimately clients.

You do not have thousands upfront to spend on a search engine optimisation and/or advertising/marketing specialists to do the work for you

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The Online Visibility Academy 
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  • Level: Easy, you will be an expert in no time! 
  • Study time: self study, live fortnightly coaching/mentoring/teaching sessions
  • Video time: TBC, recorded tutorials added weekly 
  • Always available: Workbooks, Implementation Activities, step by step videos & Feedback Sessions
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