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Criminal Psychology

Why do people commit crimes? What is Criminal Psychology? Why is Criminal Psychology Important? Step into the Fascinating world of Criminal Psychology. Explore, Learn, Evaluate and Apply the Biological, Psychological and Sociological Factors that explain Criminal Behaviour. Deep Dive into the Mind of History's Infamous Criminal Offenders and Discover the How and Why Behind the Worlds Most Heinous Crimes. 
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What You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to Criminal Psychology
  • The Biological Theory of Criminal Behaviour 
  • Nature versus Nurture Debate of Criminal Behaviour
  • Explanations from Neuroscience
  • The Psychological Theories of Crime & Deviance
  Explore and Evaluate Case Studies
  • Offender Profiling
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Who This Course is For

Do you dream of working in the field of criminal or forensic psychology and want to study this area of psychology at further and higher education? 
Then this course is for you! It will teach you step by step the Biopsychosocial factors that influence criminal behaviour.
As a foundation course, you will learn the theories that guide and inform Criminal and Forensic Psychologists in their work. This course will provide you with solid foundations and depth of understanding of the Biopsychosocial factors that influence crime and deviance; particularly the extreme end of the scale-serial killers.
You will not only learn the biological, psychological and social theories but also the why of the mind behind such crimes; that is, the motivations, intentions and thought processes behind the worst offenders in history.  
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Course contents

Criminal Psychology
A Unique New Course Exclusive to The Most Successful You
You will not find this course anywhere else!

This unique course is for anyone who has an interest in learning and understanding the Psychological Theories that explain Criminal and Deviant Behaviour. It is designed for academic equivalent to Level 2-3, however, there will be exciting case studies to stretch and challenge your knowledge and apply your learning!
You don't need to have any knowledge of Psychology, as you will learn about each theory and how it is applied to explain why people commit criminal acts. I teach you step by step about each theory and how we apply it to the real world.
There is full support for you if you get stuck and need to ask some questions to help you understand. 
This course is ideal if you are wanting to experience a taster of what a Criminal Psychologist does, or if you want to go on and study Psychology at either A Level or Degree level; especially if you are thinking of a career in Criminal Psychology!   

Criminal Psychology Course
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Frequently asked questions

How long is the course? 

This course is 8 Modules in length and consists of:
live lessons
recorded sessions - video and audio
text/journal articles and other information
case studies
quiz & short written assessments. 

Can I study at my own pace?

Absolutely! You can study for as long as you need, however, it is best that you set aside a minimum amount of hours per week to embed your learning. After purchase, you have access to the course for 2 years.

What if I miss a Live lesson?

Do not worry if you miss a live lesson, all lessons are recorded including the live sessions which are hosted on the course platform as replay videos. If you get stuck or don't understand any of the content of the live lesson, you have full tutor support from myself via email.
Meet Your Teacher:

Kathy Gray

Kathy Gray is a Psychology Lecturer with a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Social Sciences, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE, incorporating the Diploma in Education & Training) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Psychology.
Kathy has extensive experience teaching Psychology in Further & Higher Education for some years now and enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. Kathy looks forward to sharing her passion for the science of Psychology with all students to develop their knowledge of the fascinating field of Criminal Psychology.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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