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Kathy Gray
BSc (Hons) Social Science, PGCE, inc.Diploma in Education & Training, PGC Psychology, MInstLM.

Kathy Gray, PGCE Qualified Education Professional Leading E-Learning Consultant - Online Course Creation Specialist  

I offer a unique online course creation training to professionals in the field of mental health, spiritual well-being, and the creative arts; with the mission of enhancing mental health and well-being across the Globe.
With my expertise in and passion for psychology and education, I design, create, and deliver my own unique online courses in psychology
I teach experts like you how to leverage learner psychology to convert your knowledge into successful and transformative online courses.    

What my clients say:
"Katherine has been a tremendous expert resource guiding our online course on COVID-19. The attention to detail combined with a knowledge to how to impart complex information in an interactive way is truly inspired. The course becomes more than content, and engages the listener to learn. These combination of skills are quite unique."
Dr Philip McMillan, McMillan Research Ltd
"Sessions are well structured with clarity of purpose and intent, with the pace and content intuitively adapted to the needs of the learner. Kathy’s delivery is informed and good humoured. From the very start I felt that I was being supported both technically and personally to push through my own limiting self talk to achieve things I never thought I could. Kathy instils confidence and supports individual growth, knowledge and skill development."
N.Q. Leadership Coach

Share your knowledge. 
Are you passionate about creating your online course but struggle with knowing where to start? 

I will provide the professional guidance you need to answer these important questions about your online courses: 

WHO is my target audience?   

  1. Discover which area of your expertise you can package into an online course 
  2. How to define your niche and target audience
  3. How to identify and understand what problems   your audience have
  4. How your online course can solve them.
This is the first vital step to successful online course creation and creating an online course that sells. 

“HOW do I create my online course? I have all my content ready, I know what I am going to teach, but I don’t know how to make it ‘flow’ as an online course”  

You will master the art of curriculum design and how to apply my unique learner psychology framework in a way that fully engages your learners/clients and delivers the transformational results they are seeking. 

“HOW and WHERE do I find people who will buy it?” 

You will discover how to find your ideal clients/learners ready to buy your courses.

You will learn how to implement simple, effective marketing techniques and SEO (search engine optimisation) so that people can find your courses AND buy them! 

“HOW much should I charge for my course?” 

You will learn how to set your pricing for different levels of courses that you offer. You will plan and implement your business model for your online course business. 

“HOW do I set up my course website and learning platform?” 

You will learn how to set up your course website and Learner Management System-the course platform your students use to access your courses.

HOW do I film and edit my course? What equipment do I need?

You will learn how to film, edit and create professional and engaging video content on a budget without spending thousands on expensive equipment! 

Often, it is questions like these that create a stalling point, they stop experts like you from ever creating their courses and the extra revenue they would otherwise make for their business is left on the table. Your future clients are waiting to buy YOUR courses and experience the much needed transformation to their well-being and lives that your course will bring to them; wherever they may be in the World. 

"Before I started working with Kathy, I was struggling to put my content into a logical structure. My online course lacked flow and I didn't know how to effectively teach the most important parts of my course in an engaging way. I felt completely lost, overwhelmed and had reached the point where I felt like giving up. I now have an online course that boasts high completion rates, student satisfaction and is generating substantial extra income for my business." 
J. B Artist

How many people are you not impacting, because you don't have an online course? 


How much money are you leaving on the table because you don't have an online course?

Choose a way to work with me:

Course Creation Success Academy Membership Hub:
 Do you already have an online course? Does it deliver the results your students need?
10x your impact & course sales

LIVE 3 month group course creation coaching program:
Create and launch your online course with me step by step!
Design, Create, Price, Find Your Audience, Launch & Market your Expertise as an Online Course

1-1 E-Learning Consulting:
Your online course creation delivered through a bespoke 1-1 coaching program

Prefer to work 1-1 with your course creation or would you like to simply 'hand over the reins' and have your online course created for you?
I help experts like you to build your online course using my unique e-learning course creation framework based on neuroscience and learner psychology. The result is an online course that is both engaging and transformational for your learners. Check here to view a sample lesson, giving you an idea of what your course could look like    
We can work 1-1 to create your online course from idea to launch OR you may wish to opt for a complete 'Done for You' Instructional Design Services. To request your complimentary course creation strategy session just click the bar and drop me an email

 The Most Successful You  
From Idea to Launch - 
Course Creation Group LIVE 12 Week Program 

Creation |   Innovation  | Success
"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat" Steve Jobs
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