Are You Ready to Pivot & Scale Your Business to Six Figures & Beyond?
I Coach & Mentor Experts like you to Create Successful Online Courses helping you Build a Sustainable, Multiple Revenue Stream & 
Master Your Mindset for Success
Make 2021 The Most Successful You!

Kathy Gray PGCE Qualified Educator, Course Creation Specialist & Mindset Coach.  

I help Creatives, Health & Wellbeing Coaches and Therapists like you to 
Pivot from the 1-1 Model, 
Scale their Business by Creating Online Training Courses, Memberships
and Group Programs 
& Master their Mindset for Success

The Key Benefits of my Intensive 12 month Online Course Creation Group Program

You will Build Profitable, Successful  Courses, Memberships & Programs & 
Create Multiple Recurring Revenue Streams

Go from a Local to Global market, be unrestricted by the 1-1 model 
Reach more clients and create more impact within your knowledge & expertise

You will automate & scale your Business - Reach your Income Goals faster and you will be giving yourself more free time by Working Smarter not Harder

Just Imagine..

Your Own Specialist Academy

You are Creating Your Own Economy

You are Building a Sustainable & Scalable Business. 

You Have Regular Course Sales & Recurring Revenue from your memberships & programs

Your Skills, Your Knowledge, Your Expertise as a Profitable & Successful Online Course in a Growing Global Market...

You are no longer restricted by the time & financial constraints of a 1-1 business model 
& you are now able to reach your income goals because you are now reaching more clients,

and the result is that you are achieving more impact with your work

your business income is now buffered against the impact of extreme external world events 

You need to have:
The 3 Key Secrets to Success for Your Business Goals with Your Online Course and/or Membership Program is:

1) to be taught and mentored how to do this by a PGCE Qualified Education Professional, so that YOUR courses are engaging, successful and get transformational results for your clients

2) Learn How to Create & Implement an Effective Business, Marketing & SEO Visibility strategy so that your ideal clients can find you through organic searches, saving you £££'s in advertising fees

3) By Mastering & Maintaining a Success Mindset throughout each level & stage of your personal & business growth 

Why is Mindset So Important When Pivoting or Scaling Your Business?
Introducing the Little Shop of Mind Monkeys...You may already know them well...


The back burner for the boiling frog. Later.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

Feels like: not worthy, undeserving, people like me don't achieve great things, it is all down to luck...sound familiar?
Society and our environment teaches us or rather conditions us to believe that we can't do something or that we can only ever achieve a certain level of success in life. We internalise these beliefs and subconsciously, we make damn sure we never achieve our full potential in life. Instead we opt for the 'safe' options at the expense of our dreams, ambitions and talents. This is an even tougher hill to climb if you have experienced trauma and hardship in childhood or your adult life.
       Turn impossible into I AM possible.


Best buddies with Procrastination, self-doubt tells you that you can't do something. This monkey will whisper in your ear and give you a whole list of reasons why; some may sound quite legitimate and convincing. This monkey will undermine your confidence and plays the game with self-limiting beliefs. The end result is inaction.  


The biggest mind monkey of them all. This one keeps you in the play it safe comfort zone. 
Be honest with yourself.
How often have you tried to achieve your goals and given up?
What do you want to achieve?
Why haven't you achieved it yet?
What is the cost to you in NOT achieving your goals? 

These 'Mind Monkeys' result in a total feeling of overwhelm, frustration - keeping you stuck, spinning your wheels and beating yourself up from not gaining traction. You may have thought about how you could either start teaching, coaching and consulting online, or scale your existing business but lack the confidence to do it. 
But.....What if I told you that you can 'rewire' your mindset to successfully scale your business, achieve your goals, take your business to another level and Transform your life? 
That this will make the difference between success and failure? 
Are you ready to find out more? Then watch the video below 


 Create & Sell Your Online Course 
Build a Sustainable, Scalable Business with  Your Own Specialist Academy  
Master Your Mindset for Success 

Kathy Gray BSc (Hons) Social Sciences, PGCE, PGCert Psychology, M.InstLM, Mindset & Success Coach
The Most Successful You

The Most Successful You
12 month Course Creation Group Program



If you want to discuss further how I can help you with the Course Creation Program and whether it is a good fit for your business, or you wish to request to work with me 1-1 on the course creation program (this incurs a higher fee than the group program) click the button below to schedule a call with me.
The button will take you to my scheduling calendar, where you can leave your contact details and choose the best time for you for me to call you back. 


The Qualifications-Why Choose Me as your Coach & Mentor?

I am a qualified teacher/lecturer (PGCE) in Further & Higher Education. This means that you are taught and mentored by a Qualified Education professional-the result; your courses will be professional, engaging and successful, as they will be constructed in a way that gets your clients transformational results.
I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Social Sciences, Post Graduate Certificate in Psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming - ABNLP) and I hold professional membership with the Institute of Coaching, the Institute of Leadership & Management (MInstLM) and I am a member of the ANLP (Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming).
All of my courses and programs follow a psychological and neuroscience evidence based framework for learning, bringing you maximum results. I teach you how to leverage this in the design of your courses.  I teach you how to optimise your website and courses for search engines, so that your ideal clients can find you.
Also, I am a Mindset & Success Coach (ICF pending), with qualifications in and a background in teaching psychology. 
I know that understanding the mind and leveraging its power is the essential ingredient to achieving success in life and business. I believe it is vital to 'Master Your Mindset' throughout each level of scaling any business. 
You get expert, professional mentoring in course creation and mindset coaching to help you succeed. 

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