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The Most Successful You School of Psychology & Neuroscience 

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My mission is to empower individuals to achieve their highest potential

The more we learn and understand about psychology, the more we learn and understand about ourselves; we are then able to bring about meaningful and lasting change.

Overcome barriers and resistance to achieving your goals
Unlock your true potential by identifying and removing the limiting self beliefs and self-sabotage behaviours that hold you back
Mind, Brain, Body: The body keeps the score - Learn how to relax, release tension, and start living instead of existing.
Beyond the Self: The connection between, Mind, Brain, Body and Spirit: Find your true self and purpose

Corporate Solutions
Psychology for Mental Health Enrichment & Empowered Minds in the Workplace 
Employee Wellbeing Training Courses Self Study, Live Training & Hybrid options


Do you Want to Create an Online Course that Transforms Lives?

#More Time | #Freedom | #Money | #Impact

Learn how to leverage the science of psychology to create online courses that deliver the results your students deserve.
Ten times your impact as an artist, musician or wellbeing professional. Learn from a PGCE Qualified Education Professional and E-Learning Consultant how to create your online course and build your successful e-learning education business.
Find out more about The Alchemy Academy for Course Creators and how you can create a sustainable income 24/7 by turning your knowledge into an online course!

Business Courses 
Psychology for E-Learning Course Creation



Kathy Gray Psychology Lecturer
BSc (Hons) Combined Social Science, PGCE, PGC Psychology, MInstLM

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